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Milanov Method

Teacher Training

Intensive Online Course

The Milanov Method is a teaching system different from the others.  It is the synthesis of all the work that Trendafil Milanov carried out throughout his life as a teacher and pedagogue.

Sign up for our intensive, three-day course to discover the basics of the Milanov method.  Three books and course materials included.

Intensive Online Course

The Intensive Course provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of the Milanov Method.
It is divided into two modules lasting two hours each, over two days.


At the end of the course all the questions are answered and the participants are invited to play the songs and the exercises of the method.


The time dedicated to this learning consolidation phase is limited to a maximum of one hour.


Three books and course materials included.

Ema Alexeeva, concertmaster of PluralEnsemble and Assistant concertaster of Orquestra y Co

Ema Alexeeva

Concertmaster of Plural Ensemble; Assistant Concertmaster of Orquesta Sinfónica de la Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

I wanted to play the violin when I was 4 years old and professor Milanov put it in my hands. I cannot imagine another, better way of learning this instrument. These were the happiest years of my life!


Stoika Milanova

World-renowned soloist, Queen Elizabeth International Competition Winner, Carl Flesch International Competition Winner


The Milanov Method is something extraordinary. It was a revolution when Trendafil Milanov (my father) started it. His colleagues called it “the miracle.

TESTI_Iva Höltzl-Nikolova, Vogl String Trio_edited.jpg

Iva Höltzl-Nikolova

Vogl String Trio


The lessons with professor Milanov were like a game to us. Everything was so much fun, that we didn't realise the complexity of the learning process.

TESTI_ Vasko Vassilev, Concertmaster of the Royal Opera House Orchestra, London .jpeg

Vasko Vassilev

Concertmaster of the Royal Opera House Orchestra, London


I will never forget the lessons with professor Milanov. I am astonished thinking now of the difficulty of the repertory I could play at 8 years old. I was only a child then and I played with complete ease.

TESTI_Vesko Eschkenazy, Concertmaster of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam_edited.j

Vesko Eschkenazy

Concertmaster of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

I was only 4 years old when I started studying the violin with the Milanov Method. It has been a marvellous journey. It is now that I can fully appreciate how important it was for my career.

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